The Opportunity

Daily Turbo Pay took two years to launch and it's an industry game changer learn more about this opportunity.

The Comp Plan

See why we created the most lucrative comp plan in the industry. We offer huge Daily Instant Commissions, Plus Monthly Residuals. This plan is designed to help you earn big commissions as quick as today!

The Product

We offer the most sought after products on the internet. Then we set you up with instant websites that allow you to sell them and keep 100% of the money.

Unlimited ATM

Plug Into The Hottest Automated Business That Spits Out Instant Daily Commissions. It's Like Having an Unlimited ATM You Can Withdraw From Daily.

Withdraw From Daily

Our Videos and Webinars Do All the TELLING, SELLING, and CONVINCING for YOU. We Know You Heard this Before But Our CONVERSION RATES Prove It!

Comp Plan and how it works.....

Imagine if you Owned Your Own Personal ATM. What if you could use it to withdraw cash every day and it was endless. It never ran out cash to pay you daily. Guess what you just found that virtual ATM. is the only true answer. The names says it all.

You earn 100% commission each and every sale, each and every day. You even earn massive residual income month after month after month, and the even better news is ... it grows each and every month!

And the best news is, DTP is Easy, !
  • NO Running down your friends family and neighbors.
  • NO Rejection.
  • NO Turn downs.
  • NO Failure.
  • Built in plug and play system does all the work for you 24/7.
Products that you and the masses need, and want , and you can resell for Huge profits that you keep 100% of the money each and every sale after sale!

Even if you are already part of another business, Daily Turbo Pay will not interfere with nor compete with your current biz, but instead will enhance and help you explode what ever you are currently doing and at the same time loading your bank account with Daily Turbo Pay over and over again!

Here's how it works.....

  • You Join for as little as $99.
  • You Earn 100% of each and every sale.
  • You collect huge commission.
  • You receive Leadership For every 5th and 9th (Individual Bonus Sale) or IBS Sale your personally sponsored makes.
  • You receive Leadership bonus for every 5th and 9th sale made by their IBS, and it continues deeper and deeper for their IBS.
  • You receive residual monthly income from your personally sponsored.
  • Monthly subscription 6 levels..

Selasa, 19 Maret 2013

instant pay payments

So this comp plan floods you with huge instant pay payments with a huge monthly residual payment. This doesn't even include the instant pay off of product sales!

The best choice is $999 where you can earn $99

So as you can see if you join at $99 all you can earn is $99 while the others will go up to your sponsor until you upgrade, At $499 you can earn $499 and $99 Instant payments. The best choice is $999 where you can earn $99, $499, and $999 Instant pay commissions.

We pay out 8 Levels on Monthly Pay Here is How it Works

So this plan gets you tons of upfront pay plus the power of a modified 2 up. Allowing you to get sales to infinity. That alone could be thousands per month. On top of that you can earn walk way residual income.

In order to get paid instant pay commission your $39 Monthly Must Be Active